Commercial Property Along I-210

Swanson PlaceSwanson Place is the working name for a proposed commercial development located between I-210 and W. Prien Lake Road, just West of Nelson Road.

Recognizing the locationl benefits of their property and the merits of joining forces, six property owners in the W. Prien Lake and Swanson area have united to present a significant 5.8 acre parcel in the sought after "Prien" area of Lake Charles. As evidenced below, other property combinations are available depending on the buyers intended land use.

The entire parcel pictured here offers over 400 feet of exposure along I-210, approximtely 560 feet along Swanson Lane, and 430 feet on W. Prien Lake Road between Swanson and Knight Lane, achieving two corners along with these additional advantages:

Incredibly convenient location for customer, client, or patient base due to easy access to Nelson and the Cove Lane Interchange to access I-210. 
  Especially attractive to the medical community due to the central location to major hospitals.
Close to the Golden Nugget and L'auberge Casinos, each with an 18 acre golf course
Within a few hundred feet of the extremely successful Nelson Road Commercial Corridor which includes hospitals, medical offices, strip centers, restaurants, and more.


2 acre commercial corner at W. Prien and Swanson $16/SqFt $1,474,068

Swanson and W. Prien, 2 acres


This valuable 2.1 acre, corner property is strategically located between Nelson Road and the Cove Lane traffic circle and is less than 1,000 feet from Nelson Road and the Nelson Road commercial overlay district.

This link to a Google Map shows the proximity of this property to the casinos/resorts, retail, restaurants, the commercial and medical community as well as I-210. The 2.1-acre portion is highlighted in yellow with other properties that are available highlighted in red.  

Due to a joint effort by the forward-thinking owners and neighbors on W. Prien Lake Rd and Swanson, this property can be purchased as shown in the image to the left or combined with other properties as listed in the chart below and highlighted here on

For a more interactive map of this 2-acre parcel, click here.

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3 acres with exposure on I-210

I-210 Exposure with access via Swanson Lane


 If capitalizing on exposure from I-210 is all that is required, the configuration to the left offers approximately 3 acres located just before the Eastbound ramp at Nelson Road. Provisions for access to the cell tower must be made, but it is anticipated that this is achievable.   

This link leads to a Google map that makes exploring this section of the popular "Prien" area easier. Access to this configuration would be via Swanson Lane which runs North/South off of W. Prien Lake Road.

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3.02 acres along W. Prien Lake Rd and Swanson

Swanson Prien three02 3ea8c


With frontage on W. Prien Lake Road and approximately 570' along Swanson, this configuration delivers exposure from I-210 along with an enviable location in the popular "Prien" area.

This estimated 3.02 acres has potential as a stand-a-lone offering as shown to the left or combined with other properties to achieve highest and best use of this location.

The above image represents an approximation of the property. Click here for an interactive map of this 3.02 acre offering. Below, the various combinations for utilization of the property are provided. Each scenario is highlighted here on

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