Commercial Property Along I-210

Corner of Prien and Knight Lane

his corner property is less than 700 feet from Nelson Road and approximately 900 feet to the drive-in window of Panera Bread!

The approximate 1.16 acres can be purchased as shown here or combined with the 2.11 acres to the West that is also available to achieve a 3.27 acre, 2 corner parcel!  

Commercial developers with an eye to the future will want to explore the additional land that is available and highlighted here on

Click here for a superior view of this property and the surrounding area, including L'auberge and Golden Nugget!

The current house can be utilized as an office or for any of the numerous land uses allowed within the C2 zoning classification. Alternatively, it can be torn down to make way for a new facility.

Total # of acres (left column) achieved by combining the 1.16 acre on W. Prien & Knight with the properties listed below

3.27 Acres

2.11 acres on the corner of W. Prien Lake Rd & Swanson.

4.19 Acres

 2.11 acres on the corner of W. Prien Lake Rd & Swanson plus the .91 acre lot to the North that faces Swanson Lane.

5.8 Acres

 5 other properties that make up "Swanson Place".