Commercial Property Along I-210

Just under 5 acres 6ea77The purchase of the entirety of Swanson Place insures the advantage that the dual corners (Swanson/W Prien) and Knight/W Prien offer.  

For those who do not require that advantage,the configuration to the left is an example of a Swanson only corner.

This approach retains the tremendous exposure on I-210 just before the off-ramp at Nelson, the depth along Swanson and approximately 220 feet along W. Prien Lake Road. If desired, the portion to the West along I-210 can be increased.

For a larger Google map that shows the proximity of this property to L'auberge, Golden Nuggett, Nelson Road, I-210, and South Lake Charles, click here.

To read about the full 5.8 acres and the 2nd corner, click on this link.